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Cheerleader and Transformative Coach, Speaker of our ageless ‘sparkle’. 

My superpower is seeing the greatness in others, maximizing their potential and championing their possibilities.


Kim Garner is a transformative coach, speaker and renowned developer of talent, leaders and creators.  With over 25 years of talent, leadership and creative development experience, Kim has developed modern day stars and worked with notable people within entertainment, media and technology.

Kim is a champion of the authentic creativity in those she works – from everyday people to creative talent and companies maximizing their full potential to achieve their greatness by discovering, owning and expressing their authentic voice.  

Kim began her career in Toronto Canada at CBS Records and SRO Management where she led multi-platinum marketing strategies for Rush and Van Halen.

 She moved to the US when current Sony Chairman Doug Morris asked her to lead artist development and marketing for his joint venture with Edgar Bronfman’s Universal Music Group. As the key senior marketing and artist development leader for Republic Records, Kim worked intimately with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Jack Johnson and Florence and The Machine, empowering them to celebrate their vibrant authentic nature from which she created powerful image and brand positioning. Kim’s Jedi-like ability to bring out the true authentic essence of her artists was instrumental in building the label from scratch and was responsible for driving top line revenue ($100 million in worldwide album sales) during the label’s most significant business growth trajectory and transition into the leading contemporary label in the U.S. today.

In 2012, Kim moved to Los Angeles and began Garner Talent, a powerhouse development and marketing consultancy specializing in developing new talent and building promotional campaigns around their unique voice. Kim’s clients include transforming contemporary artist Jon Batiste from obscurity to his current role as bandleader of the Tonight Show with Stephen Colbert, artist and program development for entertainment giant AEG, executive producing The Purpose Awards @ The Streamys 2017, and procuring talent and producing deeply authentic performances for the opening ceremonies of The 2017 Special Olympics Winter Games. Kim is curating and producing Newstory in conjunction with Festival of Books for the LA Times bringing new authentic storytelling to the festival stages via mediums beyond books.

An ever-blooming “perennial”, life-long learner and adventurer at heart she is always maximizing her own potential by tackling a myriad of adventures whether cycling up Tour de France mountain routes, white water kayak around the world or visited mountain gorillas in Rwanda.

As a graduate of University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology Certificate Program in Soul Centered Living and a lifetime of her own powerful experiences Kim’s journey as a transformative coach helps people discover new insights and clarity around their own authenticity and ageless ‘sparkle’ and to trust in that. Through her own pursuit of greatness she loves to inspire others to recognize their superpowers, to love and trust their true authentic nature and boldly share it with the world at any age.

Kim’s profound belief in her clients’ innate gifts, combined with an unrivaled experience set in the development of our modern day stars, is what makes her entertainment consultancy and transformative coaching practice extremely sought after and one of value and efficacy.